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Now works in Dutch Bangla Bank Limited. Works in PHP,Javascript, Ajax, Jquery with any types of Database. I built two big project for bank using PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Oracle. So Now I think in the free time I can deal with some other web-site and web-programming as now I am well experience in these things.
Work history
* Officer in Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
a) Develop and maintain Dispute Management System for ADC Division.
b) Develop and maintain ADC HRM for ADC Executive and Managers.
c) Managing the ATM in group everyday.
d) Manage and install ATM networks.
e) Dealing with switching softwares.
f) Cash load into switch.
g) Works with ATM GL statement team.
h) Built small application for monitoring and reporting.

* Senior System Administrator in Placid Express
a) Establish Proxy server in RHEL 5, domain controller in Win2008 Server, Mail Server in RHEL 5 in Dhaka Liaison office.
b) Write some scripting in shell script and php, ie. Pxory-Server load balancing, etc.
c) Maintain Web server, Terminal server, Fax server, Mysql database in HQ.
d) IT Support agent and bank all over the world.
e) Trained agent and bank of our system.
f) Maintain local network in dhaka office.
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