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Nicolás R. P.

Lecturer Assistant at Universidad del Valle (CO)

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Ingeniería y Arquitectura

Sobre mí
I'm a creative mechanical engineer, passionate about technical solutions born in industry to help humankind. Nothing motivates me more than challenging projects, which test the boundaries of my technical capabilities and abilities to work in interdisciplinary groups. My objectives for the near future is to expand my experience working in engineering projects as co-designer or consultant. After 2 or more years working in industry, my plan is to continue my professional career with a master degree.
Historia laboral
* Universidad del Valle (CO) (Higher Education): Responsible for the undergraduate courses:

At the end of the course of Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, the students should have developed the following skills:
- Establish a project plan according to a design process
- Understand the terminology and convention of technical drawing.
- Rotate, project and construct 3D views of mechanical parts.
- Drawing in 2D and 3D CAD programs.

At the end of Machine-Tools Workshop, the students should be capable of:
- Understand the difference between precision and accuracy.
- Recognize and implement tolerance and fits.
- Identify the possible operations in machine-tools.

* Universidad del Valle (Higher Education): Design an experimental setup.
Build a numerical model for FSI.
Coordinate the adquisition of equipment.
Document the meeting's agenda and tasks.
Keep track of the schedule and budget of the project.

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