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About me

My name is Jay Moretti, I'm 28 yrs old.

I love my daughter and son, video games, game development, web development, mobile development, motion, 3D, my wife, comics, weird music, video games, bad movies, reverse engineering, new technologies, front-end development, video games, football (the real one), beer and a lot of other stuff.

I'm currently available for freelancing as a Frontend Developer. Currently building stuff using HTML5/CSS3 and a-lot-of JavaScript, having used the most common frameworks around, like backbone and angular, and SASS/Compass as CSS pre-processors.

I like to work with HTML5's Canvas, WebGL, and experimental audio API's.

My other programming experience includes Processing/Java, OpenFrameworks/C++, Flash/Flex/AS3, Node.js.

I'm also the User Group Manager at ASDevs a brazilian actionscript user group and my name is on the Flash CS5.5 credits as top beta tester.

Available for freelance jobs and Fifa 13 matches! (jrmoretti on PSN)

Drop me a line if you wanna talk about something.

Current Projects:
CanvasVP - A canvas based interactive video player.
Panthro Framework - my own flash framework.
ASNEEZE - AS3 Snes Emulator
Sublime Text 3 AS3 Bundle
Work history
* home (Internet): As a Freelancer, I worked with companies from Brasil, UK and US on html5, Obj-C, Air for iOS and Flash.

* HAUS (Marketing and Advertising) [from 4/2013]: As an Interactive Developer, I participate on the planning and production of projects for the web in whatever technology needed.

* HAUS (Internet) [from 2011]: Hired to take care of 2 html5 projects: one for Barefoot Wines and the other for Southwest Airlines.

* unit9 (Internet) [from 6/2011]: As a Flash dev at unit9, I worked in project for companies like Fruitshoot, Coca-Cola and Auto-Trader Canadá.

* Digitas (Marketing and Advertising) [from 8/2010]: As lead flash developer, I had the chance to work on great website experiences, also set offshore development standards and other production workflow guidelines.

* Vinil Projetos (Internet) [from 5/2009]: As lead flash developer, I worked on online ad campaigns and microsites for various brands.

* Gruda Em Mim (Online Media) [from 10/2008]: Working as the only developer, I developed several social networking mini-applications, working closely with google and youtube.

* 83 Multimidia (Internet) [from 10/2007]: As the company Lead Designer and all around Developer, I worked in projects that involved all kinds of front end skills like CSS/JS/HTML/Flash and also some backend work with PHP.

* Softdesign (Internet) [from 4/2007]: Actionscript games and hotsite development

* Artmaker (Marketing and Advertising) [from 2/2007]: Designed print advertising and occasionally online advertising

* RSRacing (Sports) [from 2005]: Designed and developed online advertising such as banners and hotsites in Flash and HTML. Created several pieces of offline advertising as well.
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