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Supply and installation of IT infrastructure for small business and home systems.

Custom software development for Linux and Windows.
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* InfoTeq Pty. Ltd. (Computer Software): Maintaining a small client base of satisfied customers running mission critical
  Linux systems with minimal input from my company. Providing support for
  these clients on an "as need" basis and enhancing these systems from time to
  time as required.
Recent clients include AMSKAN, City Link, Vincent Amato and Co, and GMB
  Partners, Australian Pipeline Trust, HardSoftware. The role for these companies was mainly in system administration,
  design, implementation, support and software development.;

* DC123 Pty. Ltd (Information Technology and Services) [from 6/2011]: DC123 is the amalgamation of two companies, one in the service sector supplying gateway hardware to small to medium enterprises and one supplying online recruitment software to the recruitment industry.

My Role:
As the manager of the network support division my primary role was to run manage the fleet of approximately 50 Linux servers and many windows desktops currently installed across Australia, maintain them, ensure happy customers and provision servers

Along with this I have managed hardware both in a data center and office server room for the software development side of the company. This has involved investigating and implementing several different visualization technologies (kvm, virtual box and openvz), as well as servers "in the cloud".

I have managed a large fleet of servers running software such as Apache, Zimbra mail, Bind, DHCP, PowerDNS, KVM, VirtualBox, OpenVZ, Xen, Amazon EC2, Jboss, MySQL, Pound, NGINX, IPTables and Asterisk VOIP to name a few.

This was a very challenging role as as start-up, which this company effectively is, requires this to be done at a minimum cost and was required to come to grips with all of this technology quickly and with minimum input from the Technical Director that set this infrastructure up over the past 20 years.

I also, through my interactions with the numerous customers remaining with DC123 turned around the relationship they had with the company as they were all feeling very unloved" prior to my commencement in this role.

* Neighbourhood Energy Pty. Ltd (Utilities) [from 7/2010]: The Company:
              Neighbourhood energy is a Victorian energy retailer who are aiming to become a
                more substantial player in the Victorian energy sector.

              My Role:
              My role at Neighbourhood energy was to initially stabilize their infrastructure,
                develop a disaster recovery plan and system and to migrate their infrastructure
                to a new purpose build call center.
              This role involved supervising 4 staff as well as leasing with the Managing
                Director and ultimately corporate IT personnel (the company was taken over
                by a much larger player during this time).
In my time at Neighbourhood energy I took their IT infrastructure from a thrown
  together mess to a stable system developed around Linux server, VOIP phone
  systems and LTSP desktops which gave Neighbourhood energy the
  opportunity to become a larger player in the energy sector by reducing their
  operating costs compared to other players in the market.
I managed the development and migration to a new call center, including
  provisioning of all communications infrastructure and hardware purchases and
I managed a well organized, cohesive and happy team.

* Amskan Holdings Pty. Ltd (Transportation/Trucking/Railroad) [from 6/2009]: The Company:
Amskan Holdings is a manufacturer of road profiling equipment, RFID systems
  and general embedded systems.

My Role:
This position involved acting as the second in charge, systems administrator and
  technical manager to a small research and development/ production team.
  The role involved systems administration, systems design and fault finding,
  and liaising with clients, manufacturers, staff and management to produce
  equipment for this market.
This was an extremely challenging role due to the cash flow situation the
  company was in and extracting itself from.

I performed systems administration for the IT (Linux servers, desktop and
  notebook systems and Windows desktops) and phone (VOIP) infrastructure
  for the company (a role I had been performing for a number of years since
  initially designing the system for the company several years previously).
I designed and implemented WiFi networking for the client and upgraded the
  network infrastructure.
I designed and implemented server systems for several clients including using
  virtual machine design.
I scrutinized and modified the production process and equipment design, quoted
  for new work (both research and production), managed off site manufacturers
  and suppliers, managed the in house manufacturing team and managed
  customer concerns and expectations.

* Xacom Pty. Ltd (Hospital & Health Care) [from 7/2008]: The Company:
Xacom is a company involved in the development of wireless paging systems
  using software running on both UNIX/Linux and Windows. Xacom also has
  a range of software and hardware for the nurse call market.
My Role:
My role at Xacom involved managing the software development and support
  teams (approximately 12 people), managing the development of both UNIX
  and windows software, managing and performing system administration tasks
  (both in house and at installed sites) and trouble shooting of system issues,
  and advising on all matters IT. This included managing and performing 24/7
  support for these systems, delegation of tasks to the support and development
  teams and trouble shooting of complex system installations and upgrades.

I implemented many procedures for the management of the IT systems at
  Xacom, managed the support and development teams successfully resulting in
  reduced support call volume and increased customer up times. This was
  achieved by designing and implementing systems to develop better systems
  outcomes for these clients and in house systems.
Extensive infrastructure development was also under taken with the
  implementation of site wide processes, Wiki systems, Subversion deployment,
  SSH configuration and VPN administration.
24/7 support of Linux and SCO Unix servers (mostly remote systems) and
  complex server design, building and deployment.
24/7 support of Windows systems.

* CPE Systems (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing) [from 1/2006]: CPE Systems
The Company:
CPE Systems is a company involved in the development of contract
  programming of test and measurement equipment. Project planning,
  management, documentation and support. The majority of the companies
  development was produced using a 4GL language know as "LabView".

My Role:
Management of a team of software developers. Quotation, marketing and
  project management of a diverse range of software projects. Management of
  code reviews and development of coding standards for a large military and
  industrial projects. Support the LabView development by performing the
  majority of the non-LabView support and development (SQL, C++, bash).

Performed embedded C software development for HP calculator division (on site
  in Blackburn) for 9 months from February 2000.
Performed database design, development and support (including an XML
  transport layer) for the Defense Department from Jan. 2002 to Jan. 2003
  (Project cost ~$12 Million). Performed project management for the non-
  development parts of this project.
Performed a significant technical review and subsequent design and development
  proposal for AWTA LaserScan resulting in a major upgrade to this important
  piece of equipment in Mid. to late 2002 (Project cost ~$3 Million).
Managed the South Eastern arm of CPE Systems (quotation and marketing

* Future Fibre Technologies (Security and Investigations) [from 1/2001]: FFT is involvement in the development of fibre optic sensors and the software user interfaces for this equipment.

My Role:
My role was to develop the user interface and acquisition components of these  systems, as well as significant testing, calibration and collaboration with hardware and systems engineers.

This required expertise in field installation and measurement techniques as well as software and hardware development for Windows NT 4, Windows 95 and Windows 98. Software was developed under all versions of Borland C++ Builder from version 1 to version 5. As part of this programming effort I developed skills in network notifications using SMTP and UDP as well as implementation of SNMP trap notifications.

Extensive use was made of the COM interface to utilize third party and in house components to perform some of these network functions. Object oriented design has been used throughout these and earlier projects. My involvement included the entire software development life cycle.

Responsibility for the purchase, implementation and maintenance of a Windows NT small business server based network as well as various field computer systems running NT Workstation,  Windows 95 or Windows 98.

Involved in the technical aspects of the companies development of an ISO 9000 quality system and its implementation within the  companies operations.

Design and implementation of various control and sensing systems.

* HRL Technology (Research) [from 12/1999]: My duties in this position included management and technical responsibility for the mechanical testing facility at the research laboratories.

My activities included testing equipment maintenance, calibration, procedure development, and training of operators and software development. In this position I held NATA signatory status for all mechanical tests conducted at HRL.

During this time I developed an ongoing interest and expertise in C++, C,  Basic (both Visual and Quick), a working knowledge of Pascal and Fortran. I produced many software packages for the control of mechanical testing equipment and field logging equipment with associated user interface and data handling routines.

Other duties included control of the field measurement section in which I was involved in the planning, installation and analysis of the measurement of strain, temperature and weight (at both ambient and elevated temperatures). In this  role I produced several significant data logging packages for the company using various data acquisition cards and GPIB instruments.

I commenced a PhD program investigating elevated temperature fracture toughness measurement. This project was funded partly  by ESAA and was completed in 1996 with the publication of the final project report. This work was, however, never submitted for the PhD assessment due to my change of career to the IT sector.

Special appointments
During my employment at HRL I undertook two special appointments.

Head of Plant Assessment Section
n this appointment I was responsible for the general metallurgy section in the Latrobe Valley, responsible for job scheduling, budgeting, planning, tendering and marketing of the sections activities. This appointment involved the management of several staff and the day-to-day management of the Latrobe Valley's senior metallurgical and NDT service provider.

* Monash University (Higher Education) [from 7/1998]: Attached to the High Temperature Superconductor GIRD project as the  SECV's representative. This work involved the mechanical testing of flame and plasma sprayed superconducting materials.
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