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Liu S.

Gerente de cuenta en ZTE Venezuela

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Sobre mí
I am a young electronic engineer with experiences as account manager in a Chinese multinational telecommunication enterprise, who also worked as electronic SW/HW design, with a lot of energy, with big desires to live new experiences beyond the country that saw me grew up and become a professional. Willing to learn from other more advanced civilizations and work hard for a better future contributing to that society.
Historia laboral
* ZTE (Telecommunications): Being part of the ZTE Venezuela Government team Account Manager, I was responsabile for the following activities:
•      Involved  in  all  steps  required  to  concrete  the  selling  of  a  turnkey
        telecommunication project.

•    Responsible  for  make  the  first  approach,  sell  and  management  of  all
        government institutions turnkey telecommunications  solutions, e.g,  Ministry of
        health,  Ministry  of  electricity  (several  big  projects),The  state  owned  oil
        company  (PDVSA),  Ministry  of  science,  technology  and  innovation,  The
        Bolivarian Space Activities Agency.

•    Coordinate and participate in the high level meetings as a translator  between
        the  high  authorities  of  ZTE  Corporation  and  the  Venezuelan  Government
        authorities. Making of the minutes of those meetings.

•    Coordinate  and  manage  other  multidisciplinary  engineering  projects  which
        involve other companies such as construction, electrical substations builders
        where ZTE acts as a subcontractor, applying on the daily basis my knowledge
        of the three languages: English, Spanish and Chinese

•    From October 3rd to December 12th of 2014,  I  was  responsible  to  guarantee  the  customer
        satisfaction in one of the biggest project developed in Venezuela in the last 30
        years in the electrical sector, I was in Global MarineVessel called Sovereign
        with  the  end  customer  (CORPOELEC which  belongs  to  the  Ministry  of
        electricity), coordinating and translating all the activities required, whether it is
        technical information or logistic work between all the personnel involved inthis

•      I participated in several biddings, and I was responsabile to lead all the neccessary personnel in order to prepare documents required by the customer, assuring the ZTE's participation in those activities.

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