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Matias L.

You don't need to re-invent the wheel.

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I started programming when I was 10 years old. Internet did not exists, and programming was done with basic languages, like C, Pascal, Fortran and Cobol. Over 25 years of experience, I saw and was part of technology evolution.

Today there is no need to "re-invent the wheel", and we have at our disposal thousands of tools and programming frameworks we can use. The primary key is to know what to use on each project, since there are tools that can solve some or all of our problems and make all easy for us, but some others can be a waste of time.

So we need to keep up to date, learning all the time and be able to change as technology does. I always like new challenges, and working on new projects, frameworks and tools. Once you really know how to use a programming language, you can master them all.
Historia laboral
(2011-2014) e-glu Software Solutions, Web Application Implementation using several frameworkd, like Symfony and Drupal

(2005-2007) 5clicks - Independent platform implemented in plain PHP to create websites in just 5 clicks. A very complete control panel and site administration framework completely designed by me.

(2000-2007) Campus Virtual Telec@p - Education Framework created for several Educational Institutes on Argentina
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HTML 5 Test
Advanced PHP Test

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