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Martin R.

Software Engineer at Gap Inc./Old Navy

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The result of hard work and learning in the field of computer science and that of technology, and the participation in several different projects, has given him a baggage of knowledge and experience to be a team player. He has integrated work groups oriented to tasks concerning the development and testing stages of the software life cycle. He learned how to use a wide variety of frameworks, web application containers and versioning tools. His main knowledge area is oriented to the back-end area of systems, but he has also developed front-end tier related tasks.

Specialties: Java J2EE, OO Analysis and Design, Relational Data Model, Spring IoC, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Struts 1 and 2, MySQL, SQL Server 2000, Oracle,  Hibernate, Cayenne, Tomcat, JBOSS, XML, Log4J, Eclipse, UML, CVS, SVN, J2ME, JavaScript, Acegi, AJAX, Velocity, Acegi, Sitemesh, Freemarker, Maven, Objective C, JUnit, DBUnit and EasyMock.
Historia laboral
* Gap Inc./Old Navy (Retail): Application that handles the shipment of products to the GAP’s franchise and retail stores end to end.

Maintaining and upgrading systems required to send shipments across the world to its franchise and retail stores.

Based on Java + Spring + MongoDB + Cucumber + REST + Gradle

* Nisum Technologies (Information Technology & Services)

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