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A. C.

Python & ReactNative & Vuejs Programmer

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Amar Chan - Programador Sql

Freelancer Jaume Jaume 3 days ago

Proyecto Umanyx, escuela online de humanidades aplicadas: integración entre typeform y plugin wordpress "Ultimate learning Pro"

Freelancer David V. David V. 2 weeks ago

"Amar es un gran desarrollador web, la comunicación ha sido muy fluida. A lo largo del proceso me ha ido indicando posibles mejoras y sugerido cambios muy interesantes. La tarea encomenda ha sido una integración API entre el LMS Ultimate Learning Pro y la plataforma Typeform. Me ha encantado trabajar con él, es un gran profesional, responde muy rápido, parece que no duerme nunca, y consigue cualquier objetivo que le marques. Amar es un desarrollador de 10!!

Amar is a great web developer, communication has been very smooth. Throughout the process, he has indicated possible improvements and suggested very interesting changes. The task entrusted has been an API integration between the LMS Ultimate Learning Pro and the Typeform platform. I have loved working with him, he is a great professional, he responds very quickly, he never seems to sleep, and he achieves any objective that you set for him. Amar is a developer of 10!!"

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About me
Hi, there! My name is Amar Chan, full stack developer. My main superpower - I solve problems and finish the job.

I know what I can do and what I can not. I'm an experienced software engineer working with web and mobile technologies for over 7 years. I have worked professionally as a backend developer, frontend developer, and set up devops systems. I can work through all parts of the stack.
Technology stack I use in everyday routine:

✔ Web Stack
✔ Python/Django

✔ Mobile Stack
✔ Java/Swift
✔ React Native / ionic / Xamarin / Flutter

✔ Additional Supports
✔ Server Management - AWS or any other type of Windows or Linux server.
✔ AWS Lambda
✔ Payment integrations.
✔ Database Management - MySQL, Postgres, Oracle etc.

I prefer the quality of coding instead of quantity of work. I am strict as much as possible on DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). I am always committed and dedicated to work and available online most of the time.
Work history
✔ 5 years of Ecommerce Platform
✔ 3 years of Laravel + Nuxtjs(Vuejs)
✔ 2 years of ReactNative Mobile App