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I'm a passionate man and a dreamer, a natural born entrepreneur. Even since I can remember, I have loved technology. When I was 8 years old, I did my first computer study, learning about Basic, Lotus and Wordperfect. Computers just blew my mind from the beginning.

I happily embraced the digitalization of music and video, another two of my passions. I learned about formats, waves and tried more software programs that I can remember.
In the meantime, as a consumer, I was an active member of the 1.0 and 2.0 internet odyssey. I browsed the web from Altavista to Google, using Netscape to Safari, from html to html5, in the chat rooms to Twitter, passing through Napster to the App Store, etc., etc.
I have another great passion: marketing and communication, and I'm a lucky guy, as I have been working in my passions for the past 10 years.

I've been part of technology startups and interactive marketing agencies in several roles in digital marketing, communications, product design, UI, UX, team building and management.

- Branding
- Mobile Marketing
- App Design
- Product design: mobile and digital technologies
- App Store strategy
- E-Business Development
- Educational technologies
- Management
- Team building - technology startups
- Corporate Identity.
- Digital Marketing - Branding and Direct Response
- Email Marketing - opt-in and double opt-in
- Viral marketing
- Affiliate Marketing
- Lead acquisition
- Database optimization
- Strategy, Creativity, Concept and Copy writing
- Consumer Behaviour
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* Workana (Internet): Currently, in the first and largest Latin American freelance professional network,  I´m  leading the  marketing, CRM and community efforts.

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