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Freelancer Flor B. D. Flor B. D. 8 months ago

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Freelancer María F. B. C. María F. B. C. 2 years ago

About me
Hi, I'm an experienced web programmer. I have strong skills on web development:  server and  client side.
As a server programmer I have great experience with PHP 5, object and functional paradigms, use of modern frameworks and ORMs.
These last year I was using more and more node.js. I've built 5 multiplayer games based on turns with clients connecting with websocket/long polling to the a net of 7  distributed  linode servers.

On client side, I have good understanding of the DOM model, the construction patterns of single page apps, and complex HML5 interfaces. I've used angular, underscore, jQuery, and I love to test new things like  React.js.
I've been using a lot of HTML5 features like: canvas, websockets, localStorage, and the new web audio api.
Work history
- BBVA Banco Francés
- CrossMedia
- The Fan Machine
- Datafactory
- Cloudymedia
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