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Leader Engineer at Codeminer42

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I’m a leader developer and manager, currently living in São Paulo, an enthusiast technologist that love open source development, also I’m speaker of some international and national conferences like TakeOff Conf, Ruby Italian Day, GURU, SevenMasters and others.

I'm used to deal with people, developers to executives and techniques of interactive / incremental development.
I have more than 7 years working with technology solutions for different kind of companies, from startups to big companies, coordinating people and developing online, offline and open source projects too, meanwhile I also made some business travels to Europe.

I'm very flexible to learn new things and to solve problems, and this has being a quality that I always keep with me in every company I've already worked.

Other qualities I try to maintain: Leadership, creativity, responsibility and keep being self-taught;

SQL databases;
NoSQL databases;
Historia laboral
* Codeminer42 (Information Technology and Services)

* Agency Ginga (Marketing and Advertising) [from 1/2012]

* TTW (Information Technology and Services) [from 2010]

* Gruda Em Mim (Online Media) [from 3/2010]

* Caffé Digital (Design) [from 2009]

* Preview Design (Design) [from 2009]

* P.F.E (Information Technology and Services) [from 2007]

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