Alfredo P. M.

Project manager embedded area en dianiux innova SL

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Programación y Tecnología

Sobre mí
I'm software development manager for embedded Linux and multi-platform architecture. I have an experience of over 10 years in software engineering, open source technologies and R&D.
I have high technical skills and I have the challenge of doing the job with excellence.

My experienced:
- C/C++11 for multi-platform and embedded Linux.
- Device driver kernel Linux developer, specialized in USB drivers (kernel or libusb).
- POSIX, C++ libraries: STD, STL, POCO, boost, glib, gtk+, Qt and others.  Advanced shell scripts, ZeroMQ message queues.
- Networking, parallelism, concurrence, security and multiplatform programming.
- Client-server applications, multithreading, multiprocess, networking protocols.
- Real time programming: PREEMPT_RT, SCHED_DEADLINE (kernel 3.14 or higher) and FreeRTOS.
- gdb debugger and remote debug. Optimization/profiling techniques.
- Raspberry pi, Hackberry and Cubieboard, all with linux embedded. Arduino.
- Interl, ARM, PowerPC. 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits.
- 3G embbeded intercommunication.
- Customization kernel. Linux from scratch. Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora.
- autotools, cmake, cross-compiling , Debian (.deb) package builder, Eclipse IDE, Anjuta IDE.
- Moderns GUI developer: Qt5 C++ & QML, clutter & GTK
- Databases: mysql, mariadb, sqlite, postgresql, key-value non-sql (redis, Berkeley DB, ...)
- SVN, git, bugzilla, redmine, dokuwiki, ...

Especialidades: C/C++, Linux,  multi-platform, kernel drivers, USB drivers, multi-threading, multi-process, profiling, shell scripts, autotools, optimization, GUI development.
Historia laboral
* dianiux innova SL (Servicios y tecnología de la información): Software development oriented to industry sector.

* Freelance: Industrial projects under C/C++, Linux and open source for companies of any industry. Software oriented to Man-Machine Interface (HIM).

Recent projects:
  - Telemetry control system under RaspBerry PI and HSPA+ 3G Modem.
  - Vending machines control.
-  Software HIM  under Linux and C++ for motor control in artistic scenarios.

- Reverse engineering of communication protocols.
- Protocols: Azkoyen VTM , Jofemar (Reverse engineering), GM Vending  (Reverse engineering), EVA/DTS, CCTALK, Modbus, ...
- Cash Dispenser/Recyclers/Acepptors, Banking Peripherals: Paylink, Quixant, Innovative N series, MultiMetch, Money Controls, MEI, Thermal Printers, contact-less, Counter coins, ....

- Linux Debian.
- QT C++ & QML.
- GTK C++ & Clutter.
- ZeroMQ message queues.
- Wrapper C++ dll to Visual Basic .Net.

* dianiux innova (Servicios y tecnología de la información): Industrial projects under C/C++, Linux and open source for companies of any industry. Software oriented to Man-Machine Interface (HIM).

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