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Rafael C. C. B.

Young and multicultural communication professional

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Passion, that is what moves me forward. It does not make sense to immerse myself in a project if I don't feel passionate for it or if I do not actually believe in it. Being it in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish, passion is what brings me into a project.

That is what moved me during my 5 years career. After planning and executing PR projects for outstanding and groundbreaking companies - Netflix, Rolls-Royce and Activision - we achieved great results in media coverage, brand awareness and clients' satisfaction. Great team, amazing environment and major results - beautiful combination!

Moving abroad, I pursued a Master in International Marketing in ESC Rennes (France), which diploma I got in mid-2015. Dealing with more than 25 cultures, becoming an embassador of the school and being part of different projects allowed me to move into an international career. During this experience, I worked for a French startup - small town, ambitious project. Amazing experience with lack of resources and abundance of brainstorms and good ideas. In the end, we achieved on getting their first investor.

Getting back to Brazil, the Olympic & Paralympic Games were a perfect opportunity to keep combining passion with legacy and achievements. Managing the Media Transport Communication Team was definitely the most impressive challenge of my life in a complex scenario of 30.000 clients and more than 70 bus services. In this environment, the greatest legacy we leave is the Media Transport Planner App, the first of this kind in this event and already part of the plans for Tokyo 2020.

Feel interested on understanding how can I contribute to your project? Feel free to contact me!
Historia laboral
As a freelancer, I was a SEO Evaluator for Lionbridge, a company making projects for Google:

- Evaluation of random search results in Brazil, given by Liobridge system, in order to rank the best options for users;

- Minimum of 4 hours working per day.

Now, I want to use my skills in languages and my background in Communication for revising texts, translation and producing content.

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