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Comecei minha carreira à aproximadamente 10 anos atrás, desenvolvendo websites antes de começar a trabalhar com desenvolvimento de sistemas. Eu sempre quis ser um desenvolvedor, e eu acho que desenvolvimento de software é uma arte e eu faço isso com todo o meu coração.

Hoje em dia sou expecialista PHP com e possuo um profundo conhecimento do funcionamento do Java. Tenho facilidade em aprender coisas novas e me adpto facilmente a novas situações. Gosto de desafios e busco sempre me estar preparado para eles. Durante a minha carreira aprendi diversas linguagens de programação e utilização de sistemas operacionas como  HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JAVA, ADVPL, UNIX LIKE SO (Linux, Mac), WINDOWS, SWIFT, LARAVEL, GULP, SASS, GIT, VUE, JQUERY, BOOTSTRAP e diversas outras coisas.

Durante meu tempo livre gosto de aprender coisas novas, viajar pelo mundo com minha esposa e jogar video-games.

I started my career about 10 years ago, developer websites before started to work/develop systems. I always wanted be a developer, I think programming is an art and I do this with all my heart.

Nowdays I'm a PHP specialist and have a deep undestand of Java core. I have facility to learn new things and adapt easily to new situations. I like great challenges and try to ready for that when they comes. Until now I learn many things in my developer career like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JAVA, ADVPL, UNIX LIKE SO (Linux, Mac), WINDOWS, SWIFT, LARAVEL, GULP, SASS, GIT, VUE, JQUERY, BOOTSTRAP and many other things.

I like to spend my time learn new developer languages, travel around the world with my wife and play games.
Historia laboral
Smalticeram Unicer do Brasil Ltda: Smalticeram is a multinational company with its origin in Italy. I have the responsability to change the TI area of the company. Together we changed all PC park, remake the lan network(data/voice/wireless), begining work with virtualization(VMWare), update the ERP Protheus 11 to 12 and his database from MS-SQL 2008 to MS-SQL 2014, implanting UpQuery BI (, developer new cutomizations for ERP and BI, implanted cloud BKP for ERP and database. Together we still improved the area to agregate value and help the company raise up. Site:

KnowHow is a Brazilian company, they make accounting services for his clients. In this project we made a system in Flex and PHP where they automated the service speed up work helped the company grow both in clients and billings.

Farben is a Brazilian manufactury company that produce inks. During this time, I was in charged to made update and fix its e-commerce site and developer new routines and support users in ERP Protheus 10/11(TOTVS). I made a PHP system whose our intern clients open tickets for IT support. Update the ERP Protheus 10 to Protheus 11 and changed the whole process of versioning products we make. Site:

Vides do Brasil is a multational company with his origin in Spain. Before hiring me, I do 12 months of internship. In Vidres beyond make PC maintenance I started to work with ERP Protheus and developer in ADVPL. Was during this internship I learned how a company work and its give me the knowledge rise like proffesional.

Loginbiz was the place where I started to in PHP 4.4 yet. I make many dynamic sites during this period, about 2 sites a month, and give my first step into developer world. In this time we used PHP 4, HTML and CSS, started to use tabless concept to developer the sites without there tables for make the layout page. Old school things.

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