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Pablo M.

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I’m very passionate about problem solving. I like to question everything and find new and better ways to resolve obstacles. Not only in software development but in all aspects of my life.
I strongly believe that in order to find those ways, I must comprehend in a very detailed way how things work, what biases I am having and what things I’m assuming and giving for granted.

One of my favourite motos is:
“It’s not what you don't know that gets you into trouble, it is what you know for sure, that just ain’t so”

In my spare time I like to read about science in general, play videogames, I also take salsa and bachata classes and I love to work out at least three times a week (I mainly do crossfit).
Historia laboral
* Leadaki (Marketing y publicidad): Development and implementation of a SaaS CRM platform. The front end has been re written from zero using AngularJs 1.5.8 using MEANJS as a seed project. It consumes a REST api developed with Play Framework 1.3. The database we utilize for persistence is a noSQL db (mongoDb integrated with MorphiaQuery plugin).
Participation in the development of a bot-attended chat platform for the customers with the possibility for the CRM operator to intervene in the chat to interact with the client.

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