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Talita B.

Fiat Automoveis S.A at Fiat Brazil

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My professional goal is to use technology to business development. I have great skills in identifing the business needs, map processes, and build indicators that contribute to the company's strategic planning. I Also possesses great knowledge in technologies, managing to build a bridge between IT and the business areas.
I am a dedicated professional in constant search for knowledge and development.
I have skills and experience in building reports and dashboards for analysis and decision m aking using tools like excel and cognos. During five years working with excel I build data treatment systems and complex calculations. I have worked more than 3 years managing cognos environment as well.
Historia laboral
Fiat Auto SA (Automotive): Responsible for Identifying business needs, constructing indicators and reports to Contribute for the strategic plan and helping business areas in Their analysis.

* Locamerica (Facilities Services) [since 1/2013]: Monitoring the day to day business areas, understanding their needs and work dynamics in terms of systems;
- Carry out a survey of the requirements necessary to meet those needs;
- Propose appropriate solutions to the business areas and to prepare functional specifications according to the requirements and needs identified by customers and containing the details of the (s) goal (s) or restrictions to be observed by the development team;
- Monitor the implementation of the demand by the development area, especially in terms of time and quality and maintaining business areas informed about the progress of the demands;
- Perform testing and approvals ensuring that the demands delivered by development area are as functional specification drafted, transferring to the area development test results / approvals;
- Monitor the approval of demands submitted by the users and the development team to pass on the results of this approval;
- Monitor project schedules

* Itambé (Food Production) [since 4/2012]: Modeling multidimensional databases (data warehouses) in PowerDesigner. Creation and maintenance of ETL routines (Extraction Transformation and Load) relational database for datawharehouse using the Data Manager tool (IBM). Creating cubes and reports to support the business areas from datawharehouse using the tool COGNOS 8.2. (PowerPlay, Report Studio, Metric Studio).

* AmBev (Food & Beverages) [since 3/2009]: Business Analyst (June/04 Oct/06 a) - calculation of sales results, analysis of information to aid in decision making by managers. Assembly and development of spreadsheets in excel and vba to aid these analyzes. Development of GPS - Price Management in Room using VBA language. System responsible for verifying marketing and market price. Development SGI - System Information Manager using VBA language. System responsible for the consolidation of all information and worksheets provided by the company.
Computer Analyst (Oct/06 to Oct/07) - supporting users, network administration, maintenance on desktops and servers, backup routines, cost management and deployment of thee and management of enterprise systems. Reduction of 17 thousand in costs in the IT field in 2007 using process reengineering. Deploying new version of the SAP system, and integrated sales. Implementation of projects, XEROX NEW PALM and corporate lines.
Administrative Financial Analyst - Credit and collection management, billing and reporting. Support coordinator of administrative and financial activities.

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