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I’m retired and available full-time to put over 25 years of experience to work for my client. I lived most of my life in the United States and consider myself fully bilingual and a native Spanish speaker. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico where I graduated from high school and later on attended a one year technical college. Additionally, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix, USA.

During my career, I gained experience working, and received training in a wide range of fields. Now, I provide general and technical translation in the following areas: Business, Marketing, Publishing, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical, Contracting, Inventory Management, Quality Assurance (Aviation), Technical Writing, Electronics, IT, Medical, and Christian/Spiritual subjects.

Some of my hobbies: Video and Sound creation/editing, Baseball, Computers, Programming, Tech Gadgets, Solar Energy, Music, and reading the scriptures since I’m a Christian.

I work hard to provide my client a quality translation. All translation projects I receive are done manually by me and reviewed prior to delivering. I’m sensitive to my client’s requirements, pay great attention to detail and I’m proud to say that I have met all my clients’ deadlines.
Historia laboral
Freelancer Technical/General Translator
Several Locations Worldwide 2014-Present
Work full time providing translations, technical content translations, copyediting, technical writing and transcription services in English and Spanish. Provided quotes for clients and provided updates on project progress.

Publishing Consultant Team Leader
Author Solutions LLC
Bloomington, Indiana, USA-2012-2014
Worked with the Spanish Markets Sections (Palibrio), as a team leader, provided a wide range of publication and marketing services to authors desiring to self-publish their creations. Assisted with translations and the creation of marketing materials and website content. Created and maintained reports and sales quotas. Supervised, counseled, trained and wrote performance appraisals for a 7 individual team.

Engraving Team Leader                        
Standex Engraving LLC
Sandston, Virginia, USA – 2011/2012
Responsible for the chemical/mechanical steel rolls engraving process 

CMAP (Chip Manufacturing Automated Process) Technician           
AVX Corporation
Colorado Spring, Colorado, USA – 2006/2010
Worked in a manufacturing clean room environment, setting up and operating a high precision linear machine to produce electronic capacitors. Utilized particle counter to certify clean room. Utilized an x-ray machine, microscopes, gauges, and micrometers to inspect, measure height, width, weight, and other high precision dimensions and ensure parts met specification standards. Conducted electrical test on parts. Diced product and ensured traveler and procedures complied with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and ISO Standards. Utilized a computer to save, retrieve, query, and analyze data for Statistical Process Control (SPC). Utilized MS Access, Excel, and PowerPoint to create reports. Assisted the supply room with shipping and receiving international shipments and delivery tracking duties.

Quality Control/Packaging Supervisor
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – 2005/2006
Provided Quality control and Packaging support to an Industrial coating and paint company. Inspected parts prior to shipment to ensure they met drawing specifications and requirements. Completed travelers and ensured that proper procedures were followed. Responsible for completing all shipping documents. Supervised 10 individuals that packaged and wrapped items to prevent damage during shipping. Coordinated with transportation and management to ensure items met scheduled deadlines.

Quality Assurance Specialist (GS-1910)
Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency
Richmond, Virginia, USA-2001-2004)
Responsible for complex aircraft, airframe structure, and the air frame equipment managed by Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR). Accountable for the full range of quality assurance functions for assigned commodity classes and their related weapon systems. Duties include acting as the procuring activity authority for the resolution of quality assurance problems on Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contracts and managed items. Provided support with pre-award and post-award contracting actions; support to Engineering Support Activities (ESA's) and Specification Preparing Activities of the Military Services; Depot Storage and Maintenance; Contract Administration Quality Assurance components and DLA contractors. Assisted with the review of technical, contracting and quality history data that determines and develops contract quality assurance provisions in order to meet the needs of each contract. Responsible for the investigation, resolution, and corrective action needed to prevent recurrence of product quality deficiencies. Coordinated and conducted special project studies with complex and critical technical problems. Utilized a computer to save, retrieve, query, and analyze data. Utilized MS Access, Excel, and PowerPoint to create reports.

Inventory Management Specialist (GS-2010)
Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency
Richmond, Virginia, USA-1999-2001)
Analyzed the relationship between supply and demand through use of documentation and studies, information in Automated Inventory Manager Support (AIMS) system, computer generated data, reports, correspondence, contacts, requisitions, and other materials. Participated in special projects which presented difficulties due to limited source data, close deadlines, etc. Provided supply information, resolved questionable data, and validated requirements with prime objective to expedite supply action in a timely and economically manner. Reviewed supply control studies utilizing automated systems, validated questionable demand, stock distribution dues-in, and other data. In a substantial number of cases, modified machine-indicated actions by increasing, decreasing, canceling, or making other significant changes as required. Coordinated with team members to plan acquisition strategies that best supported the customer's requirements and mission readiness. Initiated Purchase Requests, kept informed of procurement progress, and participated in resolution of problems pertaining to specifications, production, material shortages, distribution, and the meeting of customer demands for materials. Initiated the distribution and redistribution actions to insure sufficient and correct material was positioned for current and future supply requirements for Military Services. Utilizing the automated disposal program determined the disposal or retention of excess stock and took appropriate actions. Reviewed requisitions referred by system and assets below reorder point level to prevent depletion of stock at prime storage sites. Determined appropriate supply actions(s), as diversion, direct delivery from contractor, redistribution, or substitution, reviewed and analyzed quality control reports and initiated distribution to ensure adequate stock positioning to satisfy customer requirements and support and mission readiness. Established requirements objectives to be utilized in supply planning, stock fund management and budget estimates. Reviewed, coordinated, and initiated recommendations for elimination, changes in standardization and classification, interchangeability or changes in specification on assigned items. Initiated supply management actions on items becoming obsolete or deleted and followed through to ensure completion of these actions. Reviewed and analyzed Quality Control Reports and determined disposition of stocks. Managed all Chemical items for the Navy's Nuclear Reactor Program (NRP) maintaining over 99.6 percent supply availability. In addition to the NRP, managed shims, pesticides and pesticide equipment, lubricants, fuel additives, and other miscellaneous chemicals.

Procurement Technician (GS-1106)
Department of the Army US Army Corps of Engineers
Wiesbaden, Germany Europe District 1997-1999
Performed a variety of clerical and technical functions supporting contracting specialists involved in the procurement of supplies, equipment, and services using formalized contract procedures. Provided administrative support to assist contract specialists in the performance of work involved with the acquisition of supplies, services, construction, and Architect-Engineer (A-E) services, utilizing a wide variety of acquisition methods, procedures, and regulatory requirements. Prepared and edited acquisition documentation and correspondence. Monitored, inputted, and edited contractual documents which upon final authorization and approvals constituted the legal documents of contracts between the US Government and outside parties. Performed as the District's Standard Army Acquisition Automated Contracting System (SAACONS) assistant database administrator. Utilized a computer system, communication software, and a modem to connect to Dun & Bradstreet Financial Services. Performed other duties as indicated.

Office Automation Clerk  (GS-1106)
Department of the Army US Army Corps of Engineers
Wiesbaden, Germany Europe District 1996-1997
Provided general support and automation assistance to the Europe District's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in support of operation Joint Guard in the former Republic of Yugoslavia and other contingency operations in Europe and Africa. Worked on a fast pace environment that required flexibility and adaptability to continuous changes of priorities that required being on call at all times. Utilized a variety of electronic equipment to store, retrieve, manipulate, transfer, compute, and print data and information. Office Automation equipment included computer terminals, laptops, scanning devices, electronic soft boards, data monitors, secured phones, and secure fax machines. Troubleshot, configured, and installed computer peripherals and software. Utilized word processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphic software to create, save and convert electronic data into different types of formats. Responsible for transmitting and retrieving the EOC's classified and unclassified messages, receiving situation reports (SITREPS) from supported elements and higher headquarters, maintaining the classified material’s safe container, and conducting, filling, and disposal of classified and unclassified files. Assisted with budget planning and tracking. Created an Intranet that facilitated saving and retrieving data and information over a local network (LAN) and the Internet.

Driver and Operator Training Manager (MOS 88M Level 10 - 50)
US Army
Several Locations Worldwide 1985-1996
Managed, inspected, and wrote policies and procedures for the driver’s and operator’s training program of a 500 individual organization. Created training aids using computers and audiovisual equipment. Conducted training and certification of the organization driver’s and operator’s instructors. Organized and conducted initial and refresher drivers and operators training on light/heavy vehicles, and engineer equipment. Conducted safety training and records inspections. Ensured driving skills, safety, and maintenance standards were enforced. Accountable for tools and equipment valued in excess of $600,250. Directed complex operations. Ensured all hazardous material and safety policies were properly followed. Managed and conducted 24-44 passenger bus driver’s training for an installation of over 8,000 soldiers. Wrote lesson plans and outlines. Held the positions of team leader, squad leader, and platoon sergeant. Supervised 9-41 soldiers in various Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). Wrote performance ratings and awards. Counseled assigned personnel.

Field Artillery Turret Mechanic (MOS 45D Level 10 & 20)
US Army
Several Locations Worldwide 1981-1984
Supervised and performed unit maintenance and recovery of all self-propelled field artillery cannon weapon systems, including the automotive, turret, fire control, and chemical protection subsystems thereof. Troubleshoot and performed unit maintenance on the automotive systems and components of M109/M107/M110 self-propelled howitzers, M548, M578, M88/A1, and the 113 family of vehicles. Troubleshoot, isolated, and identified causes of system or component malfunction. Inspected electrical wiring and hydraulic lines. Maintained diesel power plants/packs, compression ignition engine fuel systems, compression ignition air induction systems, track vehicle exhaust systems, air cooling systems, vehicle liquid cooling systems, vehicle starting systems, vehicle charging systems, track hull electrical systems, automatic transmission assemblies crossdrive transmission assemblies, auxiliary drive assemblies, tract vehicle suspension systems, lockout suspension systems, mechanical/hydraulic steering systems, track vehicle hydraulic systems, auxiliary power units, fire extinguisher / suppression systems, and gas particulate filter systems.

University of Phoenix
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Bachelor’s Degree - 9/2010
120 Semester Hours
Major: Business Management
GPA: 3.72 out of 4.0

Automeca Technical College
Diesel Mechanic Course – 7/1985


Metallurgy & Material Sciences (S50) - 2004
Intermediate Production, Quality & Manufacturing PQM 201B - 2004
Market Research - 2003
System Approach to Improving Organizational Performance - 2003
Intermediate Production, Quality & Manufacturing PQM 201A - 2003
Briefing Techniques - 2003
Interpersonal Communication - 2003
Electronics I & II - 2003
Logistic Fundamental Course - 2003
Cost Benefit Analysis Workshop - 2003
ABCs Of Demil For Military Property - 2003
Measuring Techniques (S06) - 2003
Intermediate Systems Acquisition Course ACQ 201 - 2003
DLA Technical Support Policies And Procedures Deskbook - 2003
Supply Overview (Consumix) - 2002
Specifications & Standards (S61) - 2002
Contracting Overview (Consumix) - 2002
Contract Quality Assurance (S61) - 2002
Customer Service Excellence - 2002
Statistical Quality Control (S92) - 2002
DSC Contract Quality Assurance (S61)- 2002
ISO 9000 Applications - 2002
Technical Writing - 2002
Federal Budgeting for Non-Budgeting Personnel - 2002
Drawings, Dimensions and Tolerancing (S44) - 2002
Creative Problem Solving - 2002
Technical Functions Overview - 2002
Production and Quality Management Fundamentals, PQM 101 - 2001
Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management, ACQ 101 - 2001
DLA Today - 2002 & 1999
Decision Analysis for Logistician Course - 2000
Defense Inventory Management Course - 1999
Defense Logistics Agency Supply Management Course - 1999
Basic Statistics - 1999
Management Controls - 1999
Inventory Management Intern Program – 1999


Quality Assurance Certification in QA Systems
DAWIA Level I & II Certification (QA)

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