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Born and raised in California until the age of thirteen, and living in Costa Rica ever since then, I am completely fluent in both English and Spanish. I have over 6 years experience as a professional translator and interpreter. I also am studying Advertising and have experience in graphic design.


Nací y fui criada en California hasta los trece años, y he vivido en Costa Rica desde ese entonces, por lo tanto hablo Inglés y Español con fluidez. Tengo más de 6 años de experiencia como traductora e interprete profesional.  También estudio Publicidad y tengo experiencia en diseño gráfico.


Advertising, Cartooning, Di...

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Mothers' Day 2x1 at Spoon

Mothers' Day 2x1 at Spoon

Advertising, Digital Art

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Character Design, Digital A...

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Recipe Contest for Spoon

Recipe Contest for Spoon

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Hot Wheels & Toys Promotion

Hot Wheels & Toys Promotion

Advertising, Digital Art

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There are certain things that immediately give a bad impression to potential clients, and one of them is a poorly written website, brochure or sales pitch. Spelling, syntax and grammar reflect you and your company's professionalism, and nothing looks worse than "professional" text that could have been generated by a free online translator.

With over 6 years as a professional interpreter, I know that conveying the meaning of your text, without omissions, is more important than simply translating your text word for word. Also, when dealing with languages that are as widely used as Spanish and English, it is important to translate to a "neutral" form of the language, avoiding the use of slang or regionalisms.

Costa Rica has been considered one of the countries with the most "neutral" forms of Spanish, and having worked with people from all Spanish speaking countries, I can guarantee a clear and concise translation that can be understood easily by any Spanish speaker, regardless of their Spanish-speaking country of origin.
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