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Crazy about amazing customer service and keeping things rolling. Entrepreneur, Gamer & Geek all around.
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Marketing Online Básico 2016 63% 70% Aprobado
Spanish Grammar Test 2012 85% 81% Aprobado
Email Etiquette Certification 2012 89% 89% Aprobado
Historia laboral
Workana (Outsourcing/Offshoring) ////

Managing company operations with special focus on Brasil. Developing relationships with key partners, customers and investors. Overseeing operations team. Looking for ways to scale a growing business.

Google/DoubleClick (Internet) // - desde 4/2012//

Hired and lead the Rich Media Services team for Latin America responsible for the execution of high level branding campaigns for top level customers. Grew the team from 2 to 6 people. Grew the managed business over 15 times since my beginnings at DoubleClick.

Google - DoubleClick (Internet) // - desde 7/2011//

I worked on DoubleClick managing campaigns for clients using our Rich Media Services for the Latin American Market. I execute on highly complex campaigns with constrained timelines coordinating as the middle man between the client, agency, our technical team and the site. Most campaigns are one day runs that need to be launched flawlessly to avoid issues that in most cases cannot be corrected later. I'm focused on Google Owned and Operated sites such as YouTube for Brazil, Argentina and México.

Google (Internet) // - desde 12/2009//

I currently service top partners for the Latin America region that participate in the AdSense Advertising Network. Leading a team on the publisher side of business to further develop relationships with partners. I also work with potential YouTube and Maps partners in Spanish Speaking Latin America. Closed several content deals with major TV networks.

Google Inc. (Internet) // - desde 3/2008//

I worked as a policy specialist for the AdSense LatAm network. Worked also as a service Quality Assurance lead giving feedback to colleagues on their support. Before transitioning started working closely with top partners in LatAm.

Núcleo Encendido SRL (Automotive) // - desde 11/2006//

I worked with top customers in the Buenos Aires Region and also handled relationships with the top-providers the company had.

Sabarasa Entertainment (Entertainment) // - desde 9/2006//

I worked as a Producer for the first game ever published for a Nintendo Console in Latin America, Mazes of Fate. It is a Gameboy Advance Game. I worked fulltime and parttime for 6 months.

Robert Bosch Brazil (Automotive) // - desde 8/2005//

Worked initially with top clients for the Brazilian Market. Later worked in marketing servicing partners of Bosch Car Service 1500 car garages network. Closed deal for online local map search of car garages that participated in the network.

Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Education Management) // - desde 9/2001//

I worked for a scholarship in my University. In the time the University needed an overall redesign of the Website and I designed the templates and the layout. I worked in this position till the website was launched a year later.
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