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Hiring a voice talent freelancer for your audiovisual project gives you professional, original, and attractive voice elements for all types of commercials, videos, and podcasts, saving time and money, and allowing you to project a much more highly polished image. Hire a true expert in off-screen, soundtrack creation, mixing, mastering, musical editing, and more.

HERO Fábio C. G.

Tradutor - Produtor Audio Visual


Completed projects: 363


Equipe 100% pronta.


Completed projects: 69

HERO Maurício C.

Traducción / Subtitulado / Ghostwriting


Completed projects: 79

HERO Carlos V.

Ponle voz a tus ideas, ponle mi voz!


Completed projects: 25


What's a announcer freelancer, and what do you need to know to hire one?

A announcer freelancer is a professional in a specific field who meets the necessary qualifications to move your project forward. You can trust the quality of their work, since they have a positive reputation from other projects similar to yours. On Workana, you will find hundreds of qualified professionals for each type of project you need. Don't forget to check their ratings!
A freelancer with the ideal voice for your brand identity is a professional who can help you offer a better experience to your audience, as well as scale your business more quickly and efficiently. Don't wait until it's too late to make this investment-- get an edge over your competition now.

Some of the main activities of a voice talent freelancer:

- Use their voice to communicate any type of message in the most impactful way

- Present commercials, news, radio programs, etc

- Make voice recordings for bumpers, podcasts, promotions, etc

- Transform a book into an audiobook

- Audio editing, off-screen, voice over, mastering, etc.

Try to be very clear about the objectives and scope of the project. Provide information about your business and what its overall and specific needs are. Seek to involve the announcer freelancer in the big picture of your project, beyond the specific requirements. You can see how to do this step-by-step here. Before hiring a announcer freelancer, always check their ratings and reviews from other clients.

1.- Thinking that there are no freelancers in Design & Multimedia willing to help you who can adapt to your budget.

2.- Letting your budget determine everything. Try to find a balance between quality, availability, and price.

3.- Not being as specific as possible. Clearly establish what you need, what your expectations are, and what the deadline is.

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