How does Workana work?

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Step 1:

Find projects that match your skills

Workana gives you the opportunity to do the jobs that you like remotely. You manage your career.

  • Create your profile as a freelancer

    Describe your skills, detail your areas of expertise and include your portfolio.

  • Find projects

    Look for available projects, review budgets and consider deadlines.

  • Discover opportunities

    There are thousands of daily projects matching your skills, experience and expectations.

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Step 2:

Send proposals to clients

Workana helps you get clients around the world and grow your freelance career.

  • Set your rates

    Workana allows you to negotiate your rates freely with the client.

  • Manage your time

    Discuss deadlines and conditions.

Step 3:

Work freely and efficiently

Each project has an online workspace that you can use to contact the client at any time.

Work remotely

From anywhere in the world. You manage when and how you work.

Send and receive files

Send files to your clients via the platform, in a private and secure environment.

Receive feedback

Use our chat, messaging and video call services to maintain an ongoing communication.


Get paid on time

Workana protects your work and saves you from the hassle of getting your clients to pay.

Payment protection

The client deposits the funds on Workana. Once you have completed the job, the funds are released to your account.

Multiple withdrawal options

Wire transfer, Mercado Pago, PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

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Still have questions?

Workana is a platform that connects you with clients who need to hire freelancers from various areas to grow their businesses.
It's simple, safe and practical. You create your profile in Workana (you choose your category, you detail your skills, your professional history and show your portfolio). Then you go through the posted projects and start sending bids to the ones you are interested in. As soon as a client chooses you, they make a guarantee deposit and you do the work. When you deliver it and you have their OK, they authorize Workana to release the funds and you receive the payment. For more details, see above :)
In Workana you will find different types of clients. Most of them are SMEs and Startups who want to grow their businesses with freelancers. However, you can also find from individuals with personal projects up to large multinational companies.
Once you register at Workana you will be able to search for projects created by clients looking for freelancers. When you see one that interests you, you write introducing yourself, explain why you are the right freelancer to do the job, you send your portfolio and previous work and you indicate what your rate is.
Workana gives you access to two types of projects: per hour or with a fixed price for finished work.
Workana protects your work. Once clients select you, they must make a security deposit. Workana holds that money while you do the work. When you deliver it and clients are satisfied, the funds are released to you and you get the payment.
At Workana we offer different means through which you can withdraw the income derived from your work. The current methods are: PayPal, Payoneer Card, Payoneer Transfer, Mercado Pago and Local Bank Transfer (only for Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela). You can learn more here.
Yes, Workana encourages clients to have long-term relationships with freelancers. In addition, thousands of new projects are published per day to which you can submit bids.
Registering with Workana, viewing projects, submitting bids and chatting with clients is free. However, if there is a hire you will have to pay a "service cost" that varies according to your history with each client. You can learn more about this topic here.
Use our Workana App for Android to stay in touch with the client. For more information and download, visit Google Play.