3 D Black And White Photographers Needed

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I want black and white chrome photos naturally taken by yourself not from online
30 photos for $15,if the photos are good it will be a continues project,example of photos I want and guidelines are below
1. A highly chrome finish motorcycle engine close up - eg. Harley Davidson - it will also include some reflections off the engine surface of the surroundings.
2. Rear view of car showing only one side's tail light+rear tyre and that side's small part of front tyre also - sort of 3d view from the back side
4. A heritage structure constructed by British empire or likewise highlighting the wonders of ancient architecture
5. A building with glass façade and hence reflections off it.
6. an old rusty abandoned car in a garage or on a road or deserted area.
7. An arrangement of silver ware on a dining table with a 2D view (all the wares are placed as if painting a still life). Since its metallic, light and reflections should show.
8. An empty alley.

All of the above should be in Black and White.
The reflections need not necessarily be distinct in any of the above topics.

Also the photos should not contain any of the following :
1. no person/people/human being etc.
2. no animal/bird/insect etc.
3. no plants/trees/bushes etc.
4. no deities/statue of god/person/animal etc.

Category: Design & Multimedia
Subcategory: Photo Slideshow
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Part time






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Plazo: 30 días

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