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Published on the May 21, 2022 in Admin Support

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A Data Entry Clerk, or Data Entry Specialist, is responsible for inputting data and making changes to existing data figures in digital databases. Their duties include inputting data from paper documents into digital spreadsheets, updating order statuses for customers and double-checking their work to make sure they inputted data correctly.

Data Entry Clerk Job Duties and Responsibilities
The specific job duties and responsibilities of a Data Entry Clerk will depend on the industry in which they work. Data Entry Clerks will often have the following responsibilities:

Create spreadsheets to track important customer information and orders.
Transfer data from hard copy to a digital database.
Update customer information in a database.
Organize existing data in a spreadsheet.
Verify outdated data and make any necessary changes to records.

Project overview

The name of the company is Unipart Group. Unipart Group is one of the largest private companies in our Sector We work with the best companies in the world. We are one of Britain's largest employee-owned companies,with the majority of shares being held by employees. But when the group formed nearly three decades ago,it was ideas rather than size that shaped our fortunes. While learning and personal development was at the heart of Unipart's culture it did not stop with formal "training". Programs such as our contribution counts Circle trained all employee in a simple,six stage approach to problem solving, then encouraged and empowered then to seek out problems in the workplace and form teams to drive effective solutions. Here is the company's website (www.unipart.com)

Category Admin Support
Subcategory Data entry
Project size Small
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability Part time

Project duration 3 to 6 months

Skills needed