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Publicado: Hace un año Duración del proyecto: 3 - 4 meses Horas requeridas: 10 horas por semana Propuestas: 7 Freelancers interesados: 8



We are looking for a dedicated, and professional team member to work part time, semi-flexible hours providing back office support for our Mobile App customers.

Our clients use the mobile App to print photos, and photo books. Our team is known for delighting customers, and doing a quality assurance review on every order to ensure the customer is getting their perfect product.

The ideal candidate will login daily to inspect customer orders. All successful orders will be passed before 8am EST and sent to Print, while any quality issues identified will be resolved in a customer friendly correspondence by email.

This position requires reliable internet, skype, and email as well as an iPhone or iPad that runs the latest version of iOS.

Adhoc hours, and project based hours will be available to provide user testing and feedback of future App releases as well.

Category: Admin Support
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Part time

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