Background verification for Employment and Company Research

Método de pago: Verificado

Project Description:

We have educational certificates and employment experience letters of applicants who have studied either German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese / English Speaking countries/universities. Mostly these countries are in European / South & Central American Continent. Your primary responsibility includes the below actions:

1) Ability to read the educational / employment certificate issued in either of the below language German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese / English

2) Searching the web to identify the Websites / Web portals corresponding to the Certificate issuing educational university / companies (with slight experience takes about 15-20 mins)

3) Extracting RELEVANT contact information of these universities / companies (HR) who can help in CONFIRMING the authenticity of the certificate. The Contact information includes - Phone number(s) , email address and screenshots from websites evidencing the contact details.

4) Drafting a standard email in relevant local language (German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese / English) which will be sent to universities / companies to take email confirmation for establishing the certificate correctness and geneunity. (Standard emails drafting takes abt 5 mins as the text to written is usually same)

5) Making phone calls / Skype calls to relevant contact in university / company to establish right contact who can help confirm the certificates over email. These phone calls will be in local language relevant to that certificate (German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese / English). Recording of such calls is mandatory where verbal confirmation is taken (takes about 5 to 10 mins if required)

6) Describing the above basic details in ENGLISH in a standard (simple) MS word document detailing the Phone nos, email id, website screen shot and original certificate details. (Takes 10 mins)

7) Point 6 involves extremely limited translation of Educational Degrees in equivalent English names (Part of point 6).


What will the Freelancer receive:

1) You will get the PDF files of each certificates and employment letter scanned copy
2) Document which has given us the authority to verify the documents by the applicant (if requested by the Verifying authority)
3) Skype Credits to make calls
4) Training to understand the work.


Who should apply for the JOB:

1) Person who reads, writes and speaks atleast 2 languages out of - German / Italian / Spanish / French / Portuguese. Knowledge of written and spoken English is mandatory
2) Ability of taking work instructions in English
3) Person with high speed internet connection and good Laptop/PC
4) Person who has ability to make fast relevant website searches
5) Person who is a quick learner as that will drastically reduce the time taken to process each such certificate
6) Person with working knowledge of word for filing templates. MS excel knowledge is relevant to keep track of work progress.
7) Person who has dedicated time for this activity of minimum 5 hours each working day and can handle increased volume of work
9) Person with highest level of integrity, discipline and systematic approach towards work
10) Ability to complete each such back ground verification of certificates and employment within 5 or 6 working days.


Things to be noted by Freelancers about this project before bidding:

1) Before you BID please note the nature of the work and payment structure. This work comes in regular flow and is expected to last for atleast 6-12 months.
2) The payment is linked to each successful verification of individual certificate that we provide. One applicant may have either 1 or several certificate for verification. We will however, pay for each certificates successful verification.
3) The work will be considered done only when the complete steps along with standard WORD template and email confirmation or phone call recordings is provided. Post this our separate team will verify this details and may raise certain queries related to the verification, if in doubt. The applicant has to satisfy these queries.
4) Once step 3 is complete. The billing will happen by 3rd week of the subsequent month
5) Freelancer can expect flow of multiple such certificates and employment letters which need background verification each month. Processing more certificates over time improves efficiency and learning curve and thus the time taken for the activity drops.
What is our budget:

This is a fairly simple task requiring natural language and internet skills. Task like web searching and template filing can be performed on any time of the week. Only phone calls if required are to be managed during local work hours.

We expect a BID of USD 2 - 3 for each certificate verification (eg: If Mr. John has 2 educational degrees and 2 employment letters, then this will be considered as 4 certificates ). With practice the time taken to process will drop.

Once we achieve a comfort level with freelancers quality of service, the volume of work can be increased and can go upto 100 plus certificates making it a very remunerative project.

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Others
Project size: Medium
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: As needed






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