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I want to create a video on my title "please" support me in my work and I will definitely be in touch please like the video and I want to be good video design + details
App Android | IOS with 3 CRUD | 3 API | 10 VIEWS with SPEC access to test during development REST API sync Payment API Sign in API + details
Can you finish by 20th May 2019. All I need is to do the register and login, save score to database, display score and edit profile. Please i need your help. Urgent ! im using Unity3D ,C# language ... + details
I need to develop a bluetooth messenger. It doesn't have to be as perfect as whatsapp or telegram. I just need the app to be able to scan bluetooth devices, connect and disconnect bluetooth, user a... + details
Busco Desarrolador con experiencia en JavaScript ES6 / Es7, html, css, sass, react, redux, html, css, bootstrap, material ui, react native and testing with jest, mocha, node js, express, mongodb, f... + details
Hi sir, I need android app to selling Sports Nutritions. I need first page to signup by phone number and verify it via sms. Second page is some icons like: Available now, Weight Gainer, Weight less... + details

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