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Bass Fishing Log

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This app will store the information about every catch from the fisherman.

Every angler would like to log his catch with information about what was used to catch and the weather conditions.

The app will guide the user through a series of screens to document the catch. But first at setup, the angler should create a profile about the Combo(rod & reel ) used.

For example.
Carolina Rig Rod:
-Reel Shimano Chronarch
-Rod Falcon Cara T7

Once i catch a fish the app should follow this steps by scrolling pages:
1.- open the app or widget
2.- the app should remember the last combo selected from the catch before or ask for a new combo
3.- select the lure(app should remember last lure set also)
Depending on the combo. The options will show for lure selction
If carolina rig or Texas rig, Flipping Jig--->browse through plastic section
if cranking deep, jerkbait, squarebill---> browse through hard bait menue
4.- show options of estimated weight of bass and also as an option type the weight.
-dink( less the a pound)
-keeper(2 to 3 pounds)
- 4 pounder
- 6 pounder
- 8 pounder
5.- Depth catched...something quick maybe slide bar with big numbers
6.- the app will save the weather conditions based on gps position to the closest weather station.

7.- add an screen for additional comments of checkboxes... like:
choppy water

--There should be a Setup page also where you will add combos...

Many of the anglers would like this process to be FAST and Easy because we would like to go back and FISH ASAP.

The information is keep private on the phone. with the posibility of exporting to a CVS file and sending it by email.

If you are an app developer and a fishing angler.. you will see the potential.

i am looking for a functional version, nothing fancy just functional. I would like to show it to some anglers and get opinions an from there we make some improvement to start looking for some investors to and get some publicity on local tournaments and then start selling it. we can discuss later that.

i will provide all fishing language and lure list etc...

To come later if it has success:
-Statistical analysis of how to improve you catching, matching weather conditions to lure selection and Times.

Please check the file.. it is something i started but cant finish it

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Mobile
Is this a project or a position?: A project
I currently have: I have an idea
Experience in this type of project: No (I haven't managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
Required platforms: iPhone, Android
Archivos adjuntos: FishLogger.apk
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