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I need an software that post automated advertise messages on chatrooms.
Basic should do the follow:
-> I choose what chatrooms i want the bot to connect
-> I choose one delay that i want the messages are sent automatic
-> The program connects to the chatroom
-> The program wait the delay and post the message looping until i tell to stop.
-> The program must have an filter to make sure the message is being delivered and has not been banned from the chatroom (in this case should re-connect)
Specs requeriment:
-> Run on sockets (i dont want browser)
-> Multithreaded (up to 10 threads at least) so i can paste messages on many chatrooms at same time
-> Interaction with DeathByCaptcha API (So it can automatically solve captchas while entering chatrooms) i will provide further instructions on this.
-> Light, i dont want an memory eater. Should be able to run stable on 10 threads without totally slow down computer.
-> Customizable, i want to customize the delay between each message, and other needed settings.
-> Randomize, while i choose more then 1 message to be sent the software should random choose one at a time.
The chatroom is in portuguese but i will be nearly full time available to help the coder in what he needs even if he doesnt speak portuguese.



Idioma: Portugués (Principiante), Inglés (Principiante)




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