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We are in need of someone to complete my current CMS. There are 3 task involving it’s completion.
The CMS is plain Php code which communicates with our MySQL database. The CMS is already built we just have these remaining task to be done. MOST OF THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETE.
We are also seeking designers for various template editing projects.
1)Work has been done to the CMS to allow for adding/deleting images that display on the website, however, code still needs to be inserted so that changes to images in the CMS mirror the client side of the website. Again, adding/deleting images function IS ALREADY DONE, just need mirror function completed.
2) We also have a blog function implemented in the CMS which has already been written, but needs to function so it mirrors on client side of the website. Again, the blog function is already done, it just needs to mirror.
2)Images displayed on the client side of the website need to auto size proportionately to our specifications (height/width ratio 1:1) with a 500kb size limit.

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