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The stickers are ready and the only thing we need from you is to create an IOS and Android app to store our stickers for Whatsapp users to download them. Also, if i'm not wrong, there is a yearly ... + details
Can you finish by 20th May 2019. All I need is to do the register and login, save score to database, display score and edit profile. Please i need your help. Urgent ! im using Unity3D ,C# language ... + details
I want to create a video on my title "please" support me in my work and I will definitely be in touch please like the video and I want to be good video design + details
I need a bot to post on offer up, I need to be to re-post the same posts every day on at least 3 different accounts on offer up, the bot must be able to switch, zip codes by itself, I don't need to... + details
App Android | IOS with 3 CRUD | 3 API | 10 VIEWS with SPEC access to test during development REST API sync Payment API Sign in API + details
This project is an idea to a magic app trick... So, imagine that the app simulates the lock screen of the iphone (a screenshot of the real lockscreen). I try to enter the password for the first ti... + details

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