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Its is an assigment, to develop in java on netbeans a robot, wich some characteristics. I have the specifications in pdf. + details
The paper title is hybrid least squares clonal selection based algorithm for harmonics estimation. The paper contains an algorithm that can estimate the harmonics and plot the output signal. So I ... + details
Hello, I need a complete system that I recognize with an IP camera (tplink) cars to count them and I passed them to a neural network that trained the sumo(simulstion of urban mibility) so that it g... + details
I need help to develop an Excel add-in using Node.js that would communicate and integrate with my backend. This person would be my assistant for some other future technical tasks as well. Thank you. + details
Meu site wordpress apareceu o seguinte erro: [29-Apr-2019 03:00:20 utc] php deprecated: automatically populating $http_raw_post_data is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. To avoid... + details
I have a complete vs solution in vb.NET which can compile. The solution contains 2 parts - one for a form based application, and one as service. The solution can simply upload a txt-file to a serve... + details

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