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Conduct engineering analysis for a refrigeration system to cool down a hydroponic liquid

Published on the January 27, 2021 in Engineering & Manufacturing

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Help me design and calculate a refrigeration system to cool down a hydroponic liquid in a cooler box. The design would be like in the sketch of the attached files. The inner diameter of the cooler box is 38(L) x 23(W) x 22(H)cm and the outer diameter is  L46 cm x W32 cm x H27 cm.
Can you:
- find the cooling load needed to cool down a 16 litre of water at a constant flow rate of 1 litre/minute so that the temperature could maintain 12°C  when it flows out of the outlet plug drain below the cooler box. 
- Determine the suitable size and height for 4 plug drain to be position at each side of the cooler box, so that the flow rate could achieve 0.25 litre/minute for each of the plug drain. (Flow rate: 0.25litre/minute X 4 = 1 litre/minute)
- determine the right length, the number of coils, and pressure of the copper coil (as an evaporator to be submerged in the 16-litre water) so that it could achieve the cooling load needed to cool down the water to 12°C.

(Guide: Set evaporator pressure such that the saturated temperature of the refrigerant is 15°C below inlet temperature of water [Find inlet water temperature = heat from the atmosphere (30°C) + heat gain during the pump delivery]
- conduct fluid dynamic analysis on the connecting pipe to determine the pump power and the diameter of the delivering pipe.
- Set pressure of condenser of refrigeration plant such that the saturated refrigerant temperature is about 12 degrees C above atmospheric temperature.
-Conduct heat transfer analysis at Hydroponic Liquid and the Refrigerant in the evaporator to determine the flow rate of refrigerant.
-Calculate the power of compressor that operates between condenser and evaporator pressures.
-Determine the size of air-cooled condenser.
-Determine the size of the expansion valve.

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Delivery term: January 30, 2021

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