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The job overview of this project is to make a Corporate Identity Kit for my start-up that shows the diverse, passionate, creative professional my company shall transmite. Some words that also describe the company are Technology, Health, Education & Entertainment.

The freelancer would need to design a kit that not only describes the company but also be attractive & futuristic. This is the main reason why I am providing exmaples of what i don't want. They are interesting however it has been over used.

The key skills needed are knowledge of the Abode Creative Cloud to design it.

The kit shall include:
- Horizantal Banner
- Vertical Banner
- Facebook Banner
- Twitter Banner
- Book Cover
- PenDrive Cover
- Paper Letter Head
- Keycard

Category: Design & Multimedia
Subcategory: Corporate Image
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed

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