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I'm looking for someone who can create content in English for a Destination Wedding Blog in Punta Cana.

- Writer must be a native English speaker
- Content must be unique
- Content has to be delivered at least once a week
- I need FEMALE writers ONLY.

Hey there! If you can do it, I'd like to know how much would you charge PER ARTICLE.
Please DO NOT send me a Monthly salary.

I'd like to work with someone who can research certain topics and write about them. I'll give the basic guidelines and the content must be created from scratch. I don't need pictures or videos, just text.

If you send me a price per article please state how many words it would include.
If you send me a price per 500 words article I understand that the price will be triple for a 1500 words one unless you state otherwise.

Please clarify your pricing.
I need someone to start as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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