Create Cool Designs For Borna'S Tees

We are looking for awesome & creatives designs for our tees.

In terms of types of design, what we try to do with our tees design is to communicate our brand essence. BORNA is about doing what you love, trying new things daily, connecting with people and discovering places while you travel the world.
That's why we work with travel, music or plastic artists references. Our designs are simple, we think that using simplicity with wisdom is the key. Since this, the design has to have a concept inside it. I.e. if we want to design something about Japan; we look throughout the things of the country that matches with the brand and we create a design. An example of this is a Tee that has as referral a Ping Pong championship that took place at Tokyo --->

If I would have to say what type of design we use, I would say we tend to work with minimalism and illustration. i.e. because we like simplicity and that "less is more". Even though, we are fans of the illustrations so we aim to find creative artists that are keen on concept illustrations.

If I talk about "styles", I think we use lots of vintage/retro but adapting them to moderns times.

In relation with colours we are going to use 3 Backgrounds Color: White, Grey Melange and Blue Navy. According to this backgrounds the idea is to work with 1 to 3 colors that match with them to create the design. It is a must to use up to 3 colors since we are working with serigraphy process.

We have different types of tees design:
- Text. We aim to find a "killing" phrase that transmit something to the user and to who read it. In this case, the font is a key factor. i.e. if you are talking about rock you must use a strong font or if you are talking about reggae a chill/handwritten font. Example -
- Illustration + Text. We aim to find a theme or concept and then turn it into a design. The idea is the key factor, after it the central drawing and the text acts as a complement but it is important to understand the whole idea. In this case, the font is a key factor. Example - Here the idea was to communicate our commitment to environmental transport so we use a bicycle and choose Copenhagen since it is one of the cities with more density o cycles. Here the idea was to communicate a "retro" kart. So we search for an old world championship and we find that Jesolo could be a good pick
- Illustration. As i told before we are looking for creatives illustrators than can turn an idea / concept to an illustration. In these case we are looking forward to create a whole illustration without text than communicates.

To see more references you can see our web and socialmedia:

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