Data Modeling and Entry for Comprehensive Digital Parts Catalog

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Create a digital machinery parts catalog: Design a database for Caterpillar heavy machinery part numbers. Use a PDF catalog as basis for design and as source of all data.

What we have:

A 574 page document: "2015-2016 FAST MOVING PARTS CATALOG" from CAT (Caterpillar).

This document details thousands of heavy machinery parts with their part numbers, descriptions, categories, other information like weight, cross-references, dependencies, etc.

The PDF file is mostly made up of hundreds of slightly different tables, sections, some written information and some pictures (written and pictures not a priority).

What we need:

A searchable database by part number. If I input a part number it should be able to give me all (most of) the information that is in the PDF file about the data. The final solution can be in almost any implementation: SQL, NoSQL, Access, simple web front-end or desktop GUI, open to other suggestions. The database will later be tied to a Wordpress online site for an online catalog (not part of this task).

Skills needed:

Creative Intelligence and patience. It's not a simple task to translate a paper catalog to a digital one, even if it's not the full catalog. You can use any tools you want to as long as the database can be integrated into a website after this task is completed.

Why do this?

Because we have many other catalogs we would like to make digital. If you successfully complete this project, you WILL have more work to do coming from us. That is guaranteed. The cost of the project is negotiable as well.

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I currently have: I have an idea
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