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Busco Desarrolador con experiencia en JavaScript ES6 / Es7, html, css, sass, react, redux, html, css, bootstrap, material ui, react native and testing with jest, mocha, node js, express, mongodb, f... + details
App needs: user Auth cloud DB online payment +other functionalities described in our Mockup Mockup is done with indicated specifications to be implemented Ionic or VS Community2019 or any other + details
I need to create a app with nodejs using Sails Framework on the backend and ionic as a app frontend The app requirements is to transfer and send videos from a user to other, and there must be in ... + details
Tenemos la aplicación hibrida hecha con apache cordova usando el plugin cordova-plugin-inapppurchase, al momento de enviarla a revisar por Apple, nos devolvió este mensaje. Si tienes experiencia en... + details
Trata-se de customização de um app Android Nativo( App Tranxit - Uber clone). Seguem especificações Técnicas da aplicação, e bibliotecas envolvidas: defaultConfig { applicationId "com.weride.ri... + details

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