Desarrollo de aplicación móvil para Ios

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Descripción: is a web-portal for translators, interpreters and others in the language industry, At , language professionals meet, find work and cooperate, among other things.

At the moment, is working on a new app prototype (not the final version) to offer its members the possibility to get the most out of the site on the go. With this in mind, Android and iOS apps are being developed.

For our existing iOS app prototype, we are looking for an app developer with experience in iOS to adjust and expand on the app so that it meets prototype needs.


- English (fluent, written and spoken)
- Experience in iOS development
- Experience in API integration
- Immediate and full-time availability (at least for the next 20 days or so)
- Professionalism and proactive management

Tasks to be completed:

* [ ] Adjustments/fixing of features already integrated.
* [ ] Expansion of app to include a new service (listing and screening).
* [ ] If previous tasks are completed successfully, inclusion of more services until prototype is complete.

Resources available:

- UX map? Yes
- UI design? Yes
- API documentation? Yes, updated
- Back-end contact staff? Yes
- Android version to use as a reference? Yes

Please submit your offer only if:

[ ] you have experience in iOS development,
[ ] you are available to work at least 8 hours a day and
[ ] you can communicate in English fluently.

Specify your rate per hour taking into account that this would be an ongoing project (full-time at the beginning, part time the rest of the year if further adjustments are required) and, if possible, include samples of your work (the more, the better!)

Thank you in advance.

Lucia Leszinsky

Categoría: IT & Programación
Subcategoría: Mobile
Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto
Actualmente tengo: Tengo las especificaciones
Experiencia en este tipo de proyectos: Si (He administrado este tipo de proyectos anteriormente)
Disponibilidad requerida: Tiempo completo
Integraciones de API: Otros (Otras APIs)
Plataformas requeridas: iPhone, iPad

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