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About the project

What: Camoniano is an e-learning platform, built to help brazilian practice and improve their portuguese language skills.
When: By the end of June we want to do the first test in a controlled environment (a partner school). Then we want to expand its functionalities to become a true LMS (Learning Management System) by Jan 2018.
Please do not apply if your service is design or adaptation of wordpress ready template. This is an totally customized project.

The service

We need a web developer to work on an e-learning website, made entirely custom (no wordpress template or anything else pre-made).

Skills needed

AWS (Amazon)

From times to times you’d be asked to integrate the pages you finished.

*Invision is an asset

The other technologies, you can see for yourself, by visiting the site page:

The execution

The work will be done in stages: you will be asked to implement a new functionality, you will send us your budget and if we close a deal, you will execute within the stipulated deadline.

If we are successful with you, we can close to other long-term jobs, considering that we are a web marketing agency with clients in several countries.

To apply

Send links with experience (send the relevant papers that you did, detailing what exactly you did on the site)

Detail what technologies you master.

Categoria: IT & Programação
Subcategoria: Programação
Qual é o alcance do projeto?: Criar um novo site personalizado
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Cargo de longo prazo
Tenho, atualmente: Eu tenho especificações
Experiência nesse tipo de projeto: Sim (Eu já gerenciei esse tipo de projeto)
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário
Funções necessárias: Desenvolvedor

Freelancers que ya aplicaron para este trabajo

Sebastian M. Soy un programador PHP/Javascript con 10 años de experiencia. Los últimos años estuve lidreando el equipo de desarrollo de una plataforma con arquitectura SOA (Symfony2). Tuve que alinear el diseño y las tecnologías c... + detalles

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