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I have a sketch of what designs I would like for a logo, icon, name card, letterhead, website, catalogue template and social media banner. + details
I need to design a logos in my own creativity on social networks and i will create within the weak all the colors and designs ae ready so I will post logos weak by weak + details
We are a clothing brand that was created inside prison in Bali indonesia. The brand is called REDEMPTION because we are based inside a prison we would like the design to have typical prison theme l... + details
Compulsory Things: Must be 8-10 years or more of experience in branding & Identity designs Must have knowledge of English languages Must have deeper thinking ability to create something from root l... + details
Time to change my image and want to Re-brand / Amend the company Image that's visible to all . Any help along the right direction would be great. I would like multiple drafts/options before a fina... + details

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