Development of a web platform for Iot device management

Evaluating bids

Develop a platform that allows the visualization of the state and general information of an IoT infrastructure using an API of a platform in the IoT cloud.

Specific functionalities
●        Availability of infrastructure
○        Registration (Consultation in IoT platform and storage in database)
■        Daily record of last measurement of all the variables registering if they are ok or alerted
■        Daily availability calculation per device based on = sensors ok / sensors alerted
■        Register parameters of device properties (status, date is input, operator)
■        Registration by device of version of hw, sw and operator from internal variables of the device
○        display:
■        line graph daily availability by device and sensors
■        cake showing devices and sensors active, inactive, alerted and sensors with out of range measurements
■        bar graph by device indicating% of active, inactive and alerted sensors
■        table with detail and latest measurements of devices, inactive devices, alerted devices and sensors
■        table with sensors with out of range measurements according to sensor type
■        filters: a filter will be applied on all the visualizations based on the properties of the devices of: country, region, client and installation
●        activity log
○        registry
■        form with multiple selection fields or open fields that allows registering management activities performed on a device and sensor
○        display
■        table showing all registered activities (subject to device properties filter)
■        line chart with weekly number of failures (filter by type)
■        cake graph by% of time dedicated to type of activities
●        consultation of variable measurements
○        visualization (query of all the data of a variable in the last 300 data)
■        display
●        linear graph of up to 5 simultaneous variables. Selection of multiple variables from search with filters by country, region, client and installation
●        Graph of variables with batteries in medium discharge state, critical discharge
●        Graph of devices with RSSI with low signal or critical signal

●        Future functionalities
○        Devices entering operative state
■        Detect from changes in the average daily temperature if a device possibly entered operational state
■        Detect faulty flow sensors from last-day analysis of measurements
○        API - for consultation and writing in database of activity logs. for registration through mobile app

Technical specifications

●        Advanced Python Management for Data Analysis (Desirable)
●        Database
○        MongoDB
●        Platform in the cloud
○        AWS
○        Elastic Beanstalk
○        Lambda
●        Framework
○        Flask
●        Graphics
○        Plotly (desirable)

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Web development
What is the scope of the project?: Medium-sized change
Is this a project or a position?: Project
I currently have: I have specifications
Required availability: As needed
API Integrations: Other (Other APIs)
Roles needed: Developer

USD 20 - 30 / hour


Hours required: 25 hours per week




Interested freelancers

Published: Last month

Project duration: 3 - 4 months

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