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I want to build a web site that includes a section on strategic intel, including articles on economics and finance, military affairs, politics, geopolitics and allied topics, all focused on promoting Asia, ie, Asian and Russian investment, etc., but also including articles about other regions that might interact with the Asian region. Our target groups will include investors, government, academe and the public at large. One goal is to promote mutual investments between East and West. Another is to promote understanding between world regions.
The registered name of the site is new-silk-strategies.com.
I also want a section for a translation service including at least 20 world languages. I want links to the translation service and the strategic intelligence site in several languages, probably about 5 or 6.
The format could be similar to that of Stratfor but with a different viewpoint. I am using Site5 as a host, which accommodates all world languages. I will be writing or importing my own copy, so no copy writing is needed. However, I will appreciate any suggestions you might have as we proceed.
I will be contacting universities to solicit articles for the intel section of the site. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide with these contacts in academe, business and other.
I want the home page to include buttons for options such as the different language pages, the switch between the strategic intel site and the translation site, as well as buttons for collecting for paid subscriptions or donations.
I also have an issue with the add-on that I made.
If you are interested in this project and feel competent to assist with it, kindly let me know.

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