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Edit Traccar: Insert "Computed Attributes" in columns of Reports

Published on the June 05, 2022 in IT & Programming

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I need to make a simple change to the original Traccar server/app source code (can be found at https://github.com/traccar). Traccar is an open source back-end and front-end software for car tracking. What I want is to change what is displayed in the report columns in the Traccar app. I have 3 "Computed Attributes" variables that work fine, however they are not displayed by default in the "Reports" columns in the "Route" type report. I want the developer to insert 3 new variables "Computed Attributes" in the columns of the "Route" type report, so that when I open the Reports tab and have the report shown in “Route”, the 3 variables should appear in the Reports columns, along with the other variables that already appear by default like Speed, altitude for example. For this you need to know java to change Traccar files. I also need a step-by-step to be done in which I can reproduce what was done by the developer for when I want to insert new variables in the report columns. I have a basic notion of programming in c++ and python, but I don't know Java, but it will be easy to understand the step-by-step done by the developer on how to replicate the changes he made in Traccar.

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Edit files Traccar: Insert 3 "Computed Attributes" in columns of Reports . Traccar is a java app open source available in https://github.com/traccar/

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