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We’re looking for someone with English teaching/writing experience in order to design an ebook material for ESL learners based on the insctructions given. Therefore, each chapter must contain a ZZ point with tips/advices.

Incluir a Teoria dos 6 graus (e info do Facebook falando sobre o assunto)

1- Analysing your ambitions or Who are you at the end? or You Need to Understand More Fully Who You Are (we accept suggestions)

Ask yourself key question (which key questions, how, where, when, etc).

- a GRAMMAR point presentation and exercice – questions construction. (e.g. unscramble the phrases)

Break your dream job down into its most basic components.

*Useful Vocabulary (ZZ POINT) about responsabilities and duties / – Presentation and exercises (e.g. RESPONSIBILITIES: Rank the following from the hardest duty to the easiest.

Think about what it really is that makes you happy

Look into what jobs provide similar feelings and experiences

Consider the upsides and downside of that career
Focus in your financial needs

Focus in what you're good at

*Useful Vocabulary (ZZ POINT) about responsabilities and duties / – Presentation and exercises (e.g. RESPONSIBILITIES: Rank the following from the hardest duty to the easiest.

Analyze your hobbies

Take an online job test (give some tips, some links)

2 - Setting Up for Success

Look at listings for that career

Talk to professionals in that path

Look at your education options

Work on getting your resume bulked up

Make friends in the right places

Try the job on for size

sites para referência:

3. Networking and Social Media: How to be a remarkable asset?(preciso mudar essa frase)

Facebook and Instagram


Youtube - cv on a video




4. The big question: Choose or Change Careers?

How to find a new career

Getting good advices (where, who, how)

5- Life/Work Planning: Designing a Plan of Attack

Take initiative

Be willing to work your way up

Find places to apply

Define your ultimate corporate goal

Build positive relationships with people at all levels of the company (get video references from all levels from the cleaning people till president, all relations are important)

Take on additional responsibilities

Enroll in classes to strengthen skills

Apply to relevant job openings.

Get good references (written and video references)

Ace your interview

Obtain an entry-level position in a company

Think outside the box

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