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We need a full stack developer to develop functionality in a Meteor/Angular application for our growing portfolio of blockchain ventures. You’ll do this within a team of highly talented and experienced developers working across web technologies, blockchain and machine learning.

You will be responsible for taking design briefs, converting those briefs into testable code that drives backend and frontend of the products. Currently we have projects in the fintech and public data/big data space. We are a Node.js / Meteor / AngularJS house with modern development practices so you should be at home with Javascript and its various flavours.

We are looking to build a long-term relationship with skilled, motivated people. If we're both satisfied with the collaboration on this job and you're available, we'll be very happy to do more work together. Long-term possibilities include earning equity in the startups we build and full-time contracts.

This job is for the following pieces of work:


1 - Integrate APIs from 3 sources (Credit Scoring, IDV, AML checks, Payments module)
2 - Build admin dashboard screens to work with this API data
3 - Build workflow steps for loan approval workflow

The above is key high level milestones we expect this to be completed in 4 weeks. A detailed brief and scope will be provided.

Who are we?
We build blockchain startups.

We identify and research use cases for blockchain technology and build ventures around them. We do that together with entrepreneurs, corporate venturing partners, consortia and accelerators. Why? Because we believe blockchains are about networks, not platforms. Plugging in all stakeholders to reach 'network effect' ahead of the competition is critical to success.

On a day to day basis, that means we build proof of concepts and production apps using bleeding-edge technology in different domains. We support the companies in our portfolio with their development needs.

Some of the use cases we work with:

- Ethical saving and lending with a social bond
- Collaborative procurement
- Ticketing
- Art securitization
- Insurance

We need you to:
- have demonstrable examples of high-quality web apps that you built in JavaScript and optionally TypeScript, both on the server (node.js), the client (Bootstrap, AngularJS), and full stack using Meteor.js.
- be familiar with working in an agile process with rapid wireframing, prototyping and development iterations at its core.
- understand how to write high quality code that is easily testable and maintainable.
- quickly pick up new frameworks and technologies. We move fast.
- have high standards in information security and affinity with cryptography.
- have an independent working attitude.
- be able to work well remotely coordinating through Trello / Slack / videoconferencing etc.
- be proficient in English, both spoken and written.

We would like you to:
- have a touch for great UX and design.
- have an urge to automate as much as you can, like organising your work, repetitive - development. tasks, testing or deployment.
- have experience with React, distributed databases, containerized deployment using Docker and/or large scale cloud deployment.

It would be really great if you:
- have experience with developing decentralised applications on blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Monax (Eris), BigchainDB, Intel Sawtooth Lake, R3 Corda.
- have experience with machine learning platforms and APIs like TensorFlow, Google Cloud ML Platform, IBM Watson or Azure ML Studio.

We offer:
- exciting work building the next generation of web applications.
- decent rates.
- work on different startups.
- work with bleeding edge technology like blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Web development
What's the project's scope?: Create a new custom site
Is this a project or a position?: A project
I currently have: I have specifications
Experience in this type of project: Yes (I have managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
Roles needed: Developer
API Integrations: Others (Other APIs)

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