Graphic Designer to make logos, banners, website headers and e book covers

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I need a good graphicdesigner that can make Logos, E-Book Covers, Website Banners and Website Headers.
I think the demand will be in this order:
1.E-Book Cover
3.Website Headers
That graphicdesigner will be provided with all necessary informations and details about an order/job by me/you.
The first and most important is, to find somebody, that can do designs like here on that Website:
That is the quality that i require. So the person needs to be very good at photoshop and if the person knows illustrator can be a plus too. He needs to have a sense for marketing and colors.
He needs to know about Photoshop Actions and how to handle Mock-Ups. I will provide him with all the required files, mock-ups and actions.
He needs to work fast and on his own. If he/she speaks english can be good too.
The project is around two weeks and in one day the person can receive the task to make 1 logo or five and the minimum deadline to deliver them is one or two days. When the project start to run per day maybe we ll not have any order and maybe at the other day we can have an order of make 3 logos at the same time. We need to see portafolios of the thing we re looking for so maybe if in a message you can attach some images of logos, e books covers headers and banners examples you have done will be nice.
Thanks a lot!

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