Help me set up a scrape of a site and validation with crowdflower

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I would like to scrape a jobs website using Parsehub and then use Crowflower to break the click-to-reveal mechanism to extract/match the contact details.

I have logins etc to both services and have validated that the stie can be parsed using parsehub script. I need someone to 'knit' the services together such that the site is scrapped everyday, the urls are passed to the crowdflower service via their API and then contact details are extracted and matched back to the scraped job ad content.

The ideal output would be for this data to be pushed to a google doc.

Looking for someone with experience scraping etc, and using 3rd party APIs to help me automate this.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Web Development
Is this a project or a position?: I don't know yet
I currently have: I have an idea
Experience in this type of project: Yes (I have managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
Roles needed: Developer
API Integrations: Cloud Storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), Others (Other APIs)

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