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Html/Css Landing Page

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We require a landing page for an upcoming project. The landing page must look great in all modern browsers including IE7 and above. Some notes to keep in mind when building are:
- Responsive
- Catered for Retina
- Logo and details must always appear in the view port
- Scalable with no scrolling
I have attached 2 jpegs.
The mobile version being the 640 pixel version is displaying the retina version, non retina mobile displays will have this 640px version shrinked by 50%.
Any questions do not hestitate to ask.
More details about this project:
* Requirements: A amazing HTML5/CSS developer! we believe in high quality work. Ideal candidates will be able to display previous work of HTML5/CSS and responsive web development.
* New or existing project: New
* Type of development needed: Client Side Development
* Programming languages: HTML5, CSS
* Main functionality for the application: A HTML5/CSS Responsive retina ready landing page.
Archivos adjuntos: LTD_ComingSoon.jpg, LTDMobile.jpg
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