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its a repeating programme ( etc macro recorder ) 3 steps - Copy a id number from excel ( etc line b ) and paste in my company system - Right click inside the system switch 2 another menu and copy... + details
I using an old POS system (chromis) for a new F&B stall. The person who knows how to operate it quit some times ago. Need someone to change and add some new item on it. + details
I have a complete vs solution in vb.NET which can compile. The solution contains 2 parts - one for a form based application, and one as service. The solution can simply upload a txt-file to a serve... + details
We have an AWS platform running with some Java software we developed on our own. This "first" Java software is working ok. We have deployed a second Java software in the same AWS platform were the... + details
Project Description This project is worth 30% of your total grade. Item Due Date Points Possible Part (1) Sunday of Week 2 @ 11:59 pm et 10% of total grade part (2) sunday of week 5 @ 11:59 pm et ... + details
Copy trading: the idea is that will be a box that displays the top traders in the exchange (the top traders are the ones that have more gains in their trades) users can copy the next trades of the... + details

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