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This hiring would be for a project. I intend to pay for the fully completed project. I want someone to work part-time or full-time, as necessary. + details
Hi, I am the CEO of, a french tech company and we are looking for people available on your timezone to help us assessing the data provided by our artificial intelligence. We are analysin... + details
Will be writing a script in English, but would need it to be in Malay as well. Looking for one who is very good at Malay and is able to do the translation without commuting any grammatical error, a... + details
I need 3 blog posts for my website 1) corpus cristi and toledo - iconic event 2) theme park opening 3) places to visit with family You can find all of this online and i will give d... + details
We are looking for creative writers who might be interested on: Writing 5 daily posts of 120-200 german words for video descriptions. + details
To write a sponsorship program proposal, that will benefit children with developmental disorders affected by allergies and food sensitivities, the content will cover bacground, project content reas... + details

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